Friday, February 10, 2006

New UK tour of GORMENGHAST - the stage adaptaion by David Glass

Gormenghast Play - by David Glass
A new stage adaptation of Gormenghast by David Glass will begin its run on May 8th.

The production will be shown in theatres across the county, including: Poole, Brecon, Chester, Guildford, Portmouth, Aberystwyth and others.

Last seen in 1994 in this country, it has since toured all over the the far east with great success. This highly acclaimed interpretation of the book will be another chance for those who so enthused about Glass's wonderful 'Kabuki' staging last time, while adding to his reputation as a unique interpreter of Mervyn Peake's magnum opus, in his new and exciting production.

Further detials will be posted soon on the Official Gormenghast website.


Blogger Jeff H. said...

Sounds fascinating...I'd love to see this production wind its way to the Sates (or at least San Francisco)!

6:16 pm  
Blogger Water Creature said...

Whom would one contact regarding obtaining the rights for a Stateside production?
I can be contacted at

thank you,
John Wray
Citizens of the Universe Theatre Company

2:34 pm  

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