Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An article in Illustration Magazine

When the editor of the influential Illustration Magazine asked me to write an article for their latest issue recently I was particularly interested as this would give me the opportunity of outlining aspects of my father's working methods as well as my own life living within his artistic orbit.

The article is liberally illustrated with a range of my father's drawings. It describes his interpretative skills while at the same time attempts to evoke the atmophere and milieu in which his craft was brought to life.

The welcome approach I received from the magazine was as a result of their receiving a copy of Mervyn Peake: The Man & His Art from the publishers, Peter Owen. The staff of the magazine are so enthusiastic about the book that they have decided to make a special offer for their readers. It covers the subject's life and all its highly colourful aspects while displaying for the reader the sheer breadth of vision with the aid of numerous examples of his work.

For a copy of the magazine go to www.illustration-mag.com. Readers of the magazine can contact the publisher to buy a copy of the book at sales@peterowen.com


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