Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The publication of The Collected Poems of Mervyn Peake

On 25th June 2008 one of the most exciting events in recent Peake history will take place, with the publication of the quite wonderful Carcanet edition of The Collected Poems of Mervyn Peake. If the pre-publication copy sent me a couple of weeks ago is anything to go by, then I can tell potential readers that they are indeed in for both a written and visual treat, in this magnificently produced volume.
With over 230 poems and 40 drawings, a well-laid out, easy to read text, and an impact on the eye that truly attracts, my guess is that this collection will be seen for what it is, a tour de force of presentation, imaginative writing, intuitive thought and considered ideas which will not, I can guarantee, be bettered in my lifetime.


Blogger Mark McGuinness said...

Excellent! Really looking forward to this.

2:31 pm  
Blogger John Collier said...

I have already flicked throught this excellent new publication and it lives up to the pre-publication comments. I own a few Peake poem books but this by far the best

7:46 pm  

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