Thursday, August 14, 2008

A review for Boy in Darkness

From The MidWest Book Review, Oregon:
"Boy in Darkness and Other Stories assembles works of fiction by author Mervyn Peake (1911-1968), who is perhaps best known for his trilogy of Titus novels set in the decaying castle of Gormenghast. The novella "Boy in Darkness" was originally conceived during that trilogy, and features an unnamed fourteen-year-old boy, most likely Titus Groan himself, in a dream-like adventure that stretches beyond his rigidly ritualistic home. As he wanders a bleak landscape, he is captured by the malevolent Goat and Hyena, the henchmen of an implacable evil seeking to steal his soul.

"The five other tales in the anthology are resurrected after being out of print for many years; they range from a grim ghost story to tongue-in-cheek character studies. Further enhancing this collection are a selection of original drawings and paintings by the author, most in black-and-white but a ver few in colour. A treasury of classic literature, highly recommended for personal reading lists as well as public and college library editions."


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