Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Catalogue of the Exhibition

With an introduction by Patrick Gyger, a tour l'horizon of the art written by Peter Winnington and an afterword by the great Peake champion and writer, Michael Moorcock, the catalogue has the feel of a collector's piece about it, both in style and content. The volume is beautifully produced with both front and back boards in silver grey and a spine in black cloth.

The contents are divided into ten sections; the selected illustrations from the show being placed in chronological order, beginning with Captain Slaughterboard 1939, The Hunting of the Snark 1941,Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1946 and so on. The text of the catalogue is written in both French and English, costs 29 Euros and is one of the most attractive publications dedicated to the illustrated work of Mervyn Peake to have been produced in recent years. Highly recommended.

To order the catalogue, contact the museum directly.


Blogger Unknown said...

Is the catalogue going to be available for general sale outside the exhibition, for example on Amazon?

6:33 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

I'd like to buy one as it's very unlikely I'll get to Switzerland for this. Can't find anything on the Museum website about being able to purchase this online.h

9:34 pm  
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