Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A review in Le Courrier - and in Swisster

A very enthusiastic and sensitively assessed article in the Swiss newspaper, Le Courrier, begins 'La Maison d'Ailleurs pays homage with a very singular line, to the English artist Mervyn Peake'. Picking up on the title of the exhibition, Lignes de Fuite (Lines of Flight), the correspondent elaborates by mentioning the precision and meticulous way in which the illustrator constantly strives to exclude any form of artifice from his work.

Another article, this time in Swisster.


Blogger exit said...

I've just got back to Italy after visting the exhibition. All I can say is the exhibition is well worth six hours driving: It's amazing!
I loved it so much I kept strolling around the rooms looking at the drawings again and again.
I loved the idea of the documentary: I found it extremely interesting, concise but full of essential details about Peake's life. And the drawings are astonishing. I bought the catalogue and the biography by Winnington. I'm very happy.

8:52 pm  
Blogger Jimmy Smith said...

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8:27 am  

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