Monday, February 28, 2011

The Blue Elephant Theatre, A Centenary Celebration

A mini-festival of plays, poetry and readings will show that Peake's imagination and inspiration extended far beyond Gormenghast. Below, a programme of events to be held at the theatre in Bethwin Road, Camberwell, London SE5 OXT
For information and reservations: 020 7701 0100

TUESDAY 26th April at 8pm - Noah's Ark

A rehearsed reading of Noah's Ark. Intended for children, Peake's remarkable prose makes his behind-the-scenes account of this well-known biblical story just as engaging for adult audiences. Originally broadcast on BBC radio, this charming play is long overdue for a theatrical staging.

WEDNESDAY 27th April at 8pm - Mr Loftus or And a Horse of Air

The dust in his room is ankle deep yet Mr Loftus still insists on being served tea and brandy by his butler. With an eccentric anti-hero whose manners are decidedly ungentlemanly, this previously unseen play is Peake's distinctive take on the comedy of manners. "Mad? Did you say mad? I have gone sane, That's much more difficult"

THURSDAY 28th April at 8pm - The Poems of Peake

An evening of Peake's poetry read, staged, and interpreted by a range of artists. With an introduction to his father's poetry by Fabian Peake, and a post-performance Q & A with Sebastian Peake


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