Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Titus Awakes, introduction by Brian Sibley

The writer and broadcaster, Brian Sibley, was a regular visitor of Maeve Gilmore's when she was working on this book. She discussed it with him in depth at that time so to have an introduction by Brian in the book's eventual published form so many years later is both a fascinating insight and an indication of the warmth with which she is still regarded by those around her at the time.

You will have to wait until 7th July when the book is published to read the full introduction but in the mean time, Brian writes:

"As the writing slowly progressed it evolved. What had begun as an act of homage - attempting to emulate Mervyn's narrative style - was now being expressed in Maeve's own distinctive voice which had already found eloquent expression in her emotionally charged memoir, A World Away (1970)."

Brian has also been commissioned by the BBC to write a new radio adaptation of the three Gormenghast books and Titus Awakes. This will be broadcast as the "Classic Serial" from Sunday, 10th July. Information on times can be found on Centenary Events.

Alison Eldred


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