Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Guardian and the Telegraph, 2nd July 2011

"For decades, Mervyn Peake, creator of Gormenghast, was a neglected and marginalised 'gothic' writer. Today he's recognised as a novelist and artist of brilliance, and the centenary of his birth is being marked by an exhibition and several new editions. Four writers with a connection to the author celebrate his achievements."

So begins the coverage in today's Review section of The Guardian. My apologies to anyone who bought the paper on 1st July and found nothing on Peake - but today's edition has four beautifully written pieces by Michael Moorcock, Hilary Spurling, China Mieville and AL Kennedy. Just the kind of coverage Peake deserves.

More coverage in The Daily Telegraph here. Philip Womack interviews Sebastian, Fabian and Clare Peake.


Blogger john c. said...

That was the best I had read in the Guuardian review for a long time.

Inspiring and enlightening.

1:01 pm  

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