Saturday, July 09, 2011

Mervyn Peake, 1911-1968

The culmination of a plethora of ideas many of which came to fruition while others not, today, 9th July 2011, celebrates my father's birth, on a mountainside in Kuling, South Central China, one hundred years ago.

Exhibitions, radio broadcasts, television programmes, an international conference, domestic and foreign editions of his novels, children's stories and magazine and newspaper articles, all the above have happened this year. Without the help of the dedicated and determined, unflinching and assiduous support of Alison Eldred, much of the above might not have happened. Together, we have promoted the work of a man whose centenary we celebrate today. So let's raise our metaphorical glasses and shout, long live Titus, long live art, and long live Mervyn Peake!

Sebastian Peake


Blogger Dickon Edwards said...

Dear Sebastian. So nice to meet you today at the Last Tuesday Society shop. Many thanks for signing my battered copy of 'All This And Bevin Too'.

As promised to yourself and Ms Eldred, here's the link to the ODNB's entry on Peake, which they made Life Of The Day today (July 9th).

9:47 pm  

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