Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peake Centenary Conference Weekend

As Peake fans make their way to Chichester today to discuss many aspects of his work and digest the marvellous collection of new publications, there is a poignant trio of announcements today.

Firstly a very favourable review of Brian Sibley's BBC radio adaptation of Gormenghast (The History of Titus Groan) in The Independent. This was also discussed at the British Library on Monday evening when writers and actors gathered to present Peake's work in general to a packed house.

Secondly an enthusiastic blog posting from Quote Unquote about much of the centenary activity, and in particular quoting Fergus Fleming's comments in Literary Review. There have been so many mentions of Peake in blogs from all over the world and it seems that he is reaching a new audience which appreciates his work more and more. Thank you to Quote Unquote, whoever you are, and to all those people who are writing blogs.

Thirdly though, and perhaps best of all, is the news that Eric Popplewell is being recognised for his digital work and has won the Mervyn Peake Award for the competition open to anyone with Parkinson's. That Peake should have continued with his work when he was suffering with undiagnosed Parkinson's is well known but of course there are many people doing the same today, perhaps with better treatment, but with an equal amount of courage.

More details on the conference here. There are still places available as well as tickets for the evening performances.


Anonymous Mark Andresen said...

Sebastian - Very much enjoyed meeting you and Fabian on Saturday, and thanks to you both for your positive response to my 4 pm talk on your father's paintings, pre- and post-war. Also enjoyed your funny, unprepared own, based on the family photos. Made me feel closer to him somehow. Slainte, Mark Andresen

1:28 pm  
Anonymous Mark Andresen said...

Oh yes...and will follow-up your Swiss white wine recommendations...

1:31 pm  

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