Friday, April 20, 2012

The Long Wait Vindicated

Some years ago the specialist publisher Queen Anne Press approached the Mervyn Peake estate with an idea that has now been brought to glorious life. Ten volumes of work have been published and these are available either linen-bound or in goatskin.

The look of the volumes is quite magnificent, with the quality of paper and reproduction of both character illustration and margin drawings taken from the original manuscripts owned by the British Library, of the highest standard. The set which includes not only the Titus books, but Mr Pye, Titus Awakes, Captain Slaughterboard and other titles not previously known in this format, sets a precedent for Peake work unlikely ever to be surpassed. This outstanding tour de force of both visual and tactile reproduction is a must for those exhilarated by the idiosyncratic and original voice of the author and illustrator.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magnificent indeed, shame about the price!

5:34 pm  
Anonymous Mark McGuinness said...

Great news!

That's my Christmas list sorted early. :-)

7:33 pm  

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