Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fine art prints of Ian Miller's Gormenghast drawings

The artist and illustrator, Ian Miller, has long been associated with Mervyn Peake. He's produced many paintings which were inspired by reading Gormenghast and these have been published in various collections since the 1970's. We are pleased to show you three of his recent drawings, all of which are now available as A2 signed limited edition giclee prints.

The quality of the work is superb, and the detail extraordinary. The prints are of the highest standard and they are available from Alison Eldred. There is a view of Gormenghast castle itself, one of the Hall of Bright Carvings and one of the Tower of Flints.

You can see more about Ian Miller here, and information on the prints here.

A donation of £5 per print will be made to Parkinson's UK.


Blogger petersmith said...

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8:23 am  
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Blogger petersmith said...

Its an amazing!
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Anonymous Gary Woods said...

Amazing . . . they seem to be almost out of a dream.

1:16 am  
Anonymous Gary Woods said...

Amazing, they seem to come straight from a dream. A truly gifted artist.

1:18 am  

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