Friday, March 22, 2013

An Exhibition at Westminster Reference Library

A rare exhibition of Mervyn Peake’s original work is to go on public display for the first time at Westminster Reference Library by Leicester Square from 3rd to 14th April 2013.
Original paintings by Mervyn Peake, will go on display thanks to the generous loan of the work by the Peake family.
Westminster City Council, with the support of Arts Council England funding, is hosting the special free display.  The show comprises works by Mervyn Peake as well as pieces by his wife, Maeve Gilmore, and son, Sebastian Peake. The paintings and drawings in this small but exceptional show have never been seen outside the Peake family.
Please join us for the launch party/private view at 6.30pm on Wednesday, 3rd April at Westminster Reference Library, 35 St Martin’s Street, London WC2H 7HP, 020 7641 5250.
The programme series will continue with a talk and poetry reading on Wednesday, 10th April and two workshops on 4th and 11th April, led by Mervyn Peake’s grandson, Lewis Peake, (now sold out) with a focus on illustration techniques.
Westminster Reference Library believes that direct engagement is a great way to create understanding.  Through open access to our book collections and our art shows we try to provide a simple but powerful way to show everybody, regardless of age and background, the enjoyment and inspiration of art.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear the news of Sebastian Peake.

I attended the exhibition and talk at the British Library and was so pleased to see so much lovely work.

My sincere condolences, although late, are heartfelt.

I do hope to be able to attend the exhibition at Westminster.

Kindest regards
Maggie Evans

9:16 pm  

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