Sunday, February 11, 2007

Titus Groan, the Danish edition

I have just received author's copies of the Danish translation of Titus Groan. It is one of the very best foreign editions I've ever seen and has a drawing of Steerpike on the cover. The paper is of very good quality and the whole appearance looks fabulous.

Writing in Weekendavisen, Bo Green, a noted translator himself, described the way Arne Keller had translated the novel, as having been 'executed fabulously'.

Jyllandsposten, one of Denmark's major daily newspapers wrote: 'This is in every way a fantastic, wildly original and moving this instance there is no reason to complain about the Danish retail price, the experience is worth every penny'.

Information a serious Copenhagen newspaper wrote: 'Titus Groan is an evocative and entertaining epic tale which is hard to put down.'


Anonymous shiela said...

Nice post. It shows how rich could a literature be in terms of translation.Through translating shows the rich blend of knowledge and culture in a society.Whether in Danish translation or in any foreign language translation helps one to get acquainted with the thoughts, traditions, principles and actions of the people from the region.

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