Friday, May 04, 2007

Peake Studies

With 2008 marking the 40th anniversary of the death in November 1968 of Mervyn Peake, and the 20th since the publication of the first issue of Peake Studies in November 1988, it will be a year both for remembering the life of the artist, writer, illustrator and poet and for celebrating the fact that for twenty uninterrupted years the journal has continued to be published.

Over the years the editor's exceptional sleuthing has resulted in unearthing numerous works by Mervyn Peake, such that many of the images published in Peake Studies have until then been largely unknown, even to the subject's closest family and professional experts of his art.

Apart from the visual treats, which appear without fail in each issue, articles both academic, erudite and amusing, illuminating, questioning and thorough, continue to be a feature of this, the best publication on the subject. I would therefore, without hestitation, recommend it
to anyone who would like to know more, and to anyone with a real interest in the life, work, and singular vision of the late Mervyn Peake.


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