Monday, September 28, 2009

Rain Taxi review for Collected Poems

"Peake's poetry is well-crafted, intense, and investigative of states of being, occupations, the hellishness of war at home and on the battleground, and domestic life. 'If I Could See Not Surfaces' sums up his stance:

If I could see, not surfaces,
But could express
What lies beneath the skin
Where the blood moves
In fruit or head or stone,
Then would I know the one
And my eyes
When dead
Would give the worm
No hollow food."

An extract from the review by Jeff Bursey

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Michael Moorcock at Yverdon

Michael Moorcock, a great friend of both Mervyn and Maeve Peake, will be speaking at the opening of Lignes de Fuite the exhibition in Switzerland opening on 3rd October. The exhibition opens on 4th October.