Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aaron Paterson on The Cave

One of several plays my father wrote will be performed in October this year at the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell south east London. The Cave, will run for three weeks and will be promoted both locally and in the wider press. Aaron Paterson writes about his thoughts on being asked to direct the play.

Teaser video.

Actors interested in working on the play might read the blog below.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Actors wanted, for The Cave

Anyone interested in becoming involved with the new production of The Cave at the Blue Elephant Theatre may be interested to read this.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gormenghast on Television

Gormenghast, the BBC 2 Television Millennium Drama, will be shown again in July 2011. The ground-breaking adaptation of the two first novels in the trilogy, produced with extraordinary panache by Estelle Daniel, whose accompanying book The Art of Gormenghast - The Making of a Television Fantasy, set a new standard for such publications. The four hour-long parts hit the world as an eye-watering spectacle and CGI, then still at an earlier stage of development, dazzled viewers with scenes of the vast castle and its inhabitants in a way no one will ever forget. A quite unique tour de force which quite rightly is hailed as a television masterpiece.

The Cave

A three week run of the previously unperformed play by Mervyn Peake, will begin on 19th October 2010. The Blue Elephant Theatre, Bethwin Road, London SE5 will stage the powerful piece, which follows the fortunes of the same family set against a background of three distinctly different periods in human history.

In the dramatic denouement; at a read-through the invited audience gasped as one, a degree of resolution to the central theme of the play is reached, though the prevailing metaphor is a questioning of one's very existence.

Telephone 020 7701 0100 for further information.

The Sunday Books published in France

In time for Christmas 2010, Denoel, a Gallimard imprint, will be publishing in French, Les Livres du Dimanche. The Sunday Books, with text by Michael Moorcock, accompany the drawings produced on Sark for Mervyn Peake's two sons Fabian and Sebastian. A wild array of pirates, animals and other exotic creatures, the fifty plus drawings in both colour and black and white, will be a very welcome addition to publications in French of work by the artist, whose sons loved every strange creature to emerge from his ever fertile imagination.