Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gormenghast on Television

Gormenghast, the BBC 2 Television Millennium Drama, will be shown again in July 2011. The ground-breaking adaptation of the two first novels in the trilogy, produced with extraordinary panache by Estelle Daniel, whose accompanying book The Art of Gormenghast - The Making of a Television Fantasy, set a new standard for such publications. The four hour-long parts hit the world as an eye-watering spectacle and CGI, then still at an earlier stage of development, dazzled viewers with scenes of the vast castle and its inhabitants in a way no one will ever forget. A quite unique tour de force which quite rightly is hailed as a television masterpiece.


Blogger Will said...

Glad to have a chance to see to television series again. I wonder if the radio adaption (with Sting) will ever see the light of day.

9:49 pm  

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