Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery

The exhibition currently showing at the Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery until September 11th and titled Mervyn Peake's Sark - To the Sweep of a Steel Bay is an outstanding example of how the artist and writer's work can be displayed in all its glory in a relatively small space. The designer, curator and director of the gallery have given the local public and visitors to the island, a genuinely beautiful mix of water colours, pencil and oil paintings, within the octagonal gallery. So impressed was Credit Suisse on viewing the work before the show opened that they decided to contribute substantially, thus the presentation of the work graphics and tastefully-produced bench seating, has made this lovely exhibition something not to miss.

Visitor numbers are already above expectations, and two more oil paintings by Mervyn Peake on loan from their owners will be collected shortly from neighbouring Sark and will be added. The colour introduction to the show, provided by Credit Suisse's inspired largesse, in the form of a four part high-quality folding card, is so attractive that it is certainly likely to be kept by any visitor to this terrific show.


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