Friday, December 30, 2011

Bravo! A Magnificent Production

The last performance of Noah's Ark, (20/12/2011) was nothing less than a resounding success. A spontaneous eruption of applause greeted the actors at the end, as they formed a straight line in front of the cheering audience. With an uninhibited display of youth and energy with each of the various animal characters displaying an uncanny ability to emulate the idiosyncrasies peculiar to the hyena, sheep and goat for instance, such that one was totally convinced that the actors had indeed transmogrified into the particular beast.

This outstanding production - the director's grasp of the play for instance shone through from start to finish - also included some wonderful and eminently hummable music which only added to the sense that this was a play for everyone. This production deserves to live, and should quite rightly be staged again, and again, and everyone in yesterday's full house would I'm sure agree.


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