Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Sunday Books

The go-aheadhas been announced for the publication by Denoel (part of Editions Gallimard) for The Sunday Books with text by Michael Moorcock to accompany many of the drawings produced for my brother and me when we lived on Sark. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your father's book during the summer holidays, and as a fan of Tolkien and of Brian Sibley, a couple of questions occurred to me, which Brian wasn't quite able to answer: did your father and Tolkien ever meet? Did they read each other's work? And if so what did they think of each other's work?
Thanks for taking the time to think this over!
An intrigued fan & hobbit from Belgium: Suzanne (suelizpip@hotmail.com)

10:51 am  
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