Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fabian Peake's new website

Fabian Peake, Mervyn's younger son, has produced his own website which clearly shows in its wide-ranging display of fine art, that his father's influence in paint, pencil, cloth and word, has certainly been passed on.

At the British Library

An exhibition not to miss, although it will be coming down after 28th June, is Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, which has a wonderfully comprehensive selection of 1st edition children's poetry classics on display. Set out in glass cabinets both the text and the illustrations bring back memories of childhood. Mervyn Peake is represented by two of his most famous and loved interpretations, with a open page showing the crocodile from Alice and another of The Ancient Mariner.

Liz Jensen's choice

Good to read in the Arts and Books section of The Independent of 5th June that the well-known writer Liz Jensen has chosen as her Book of a Lifetime the Titus Tilogy.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Mervyn Peake concert

A concert, with music by the financier and composer Nigel Hamway, of twelve nonsense poems by Mervyn Peake, was held in the chapel of Harris Manchester College, Oxford on 29th May. With the soprano Nancy-Jane Rucker alternating with the baritone Benjamin Thompson, and accompanied by Simon Kroll, and the pianist Louise Gullifer, they played and sang to the 150 very appreciative invited guests.

The musical setting of the love poem To Maeve by pianist Eve Barsham, was both poignant and moving and very well received by an enraptured audience. The concert was recorded live by the composer who hopes to make it available in due course.